How to reach Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)?

ISA is located at a park called Tapada da Ajuda, in the western part of Lisbon (Alcântara area) at these coordinates (38.706154, -9.182628; main entrance), with access from the street “Calçada da Tapada”.

By public transports:
ISA is served by trains (Alcântara-Terra and Alcântara-Mar train stations), buses and trams, but not by Metro.
Google maps is a convenient tool to find your way around in Lisbon, but still here are some hints concerning how to reach ISA from the main hotel quarters:

- from the Av. Da Liberdade/Baixa/Chiado area, use the Metro to Cais do Sodré station and there commute to Carris tram 18E or bus 760 (westward direction), both of which stop at ISA’s main entrance;

- from the Marquês de Pombal area, use buses 720 or 738 (westward direction) directly to Alcântara area; both stop very close to ISA but not directly at the main entrance, so please check the map in advance to find your stop and the way to ISA;

- from the Avenidas Novas/Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian area, take but 756 at Av. De Berna (westward direction) and step out at Largo do Calvário; ISA is at a 5 min. stroll up the hill; alternatively, commute to tram 18E (see above);

- from the Av. José Malhoa hotel quarter, walk to the Sete Rios train station and take the CP train to Alcântara-Terra; from there, ISA is at a 10 min. stroll up the hill westwards;

- from the Belém area, take the 15E tram or any bus going Eastwards and leave at Santo Amaro or Largo do Calvário stops; is at a 5 min. stroll up the hill or, at Largo do Calvário, commute to tram 18E (see above);

- from other parts of the city, reach out to the metro network and either proceed to Cais do Sodré station and commute to tram 18E or take the train to Alcântara-Terra at one of the metro/train interchanges (see above).

Transport tickets:
The Viva viagem card can be used interchangeably in the train, metro and bus/tram provided that it is charged in the zapping modality. The card can be bought at any metro (e.g., at the Airport metro station) or train station or in kiosks throughout the city.

The organization does not have any price agreement with hotels.
Reservations should be done directly with the hotels or by any other usual means.

The hotel offer in Lisbon is enormous. We recommend the participants to book an hotel near to Avenidas Novas, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Marquês de Pombal, Av. Da Liberdade, Baixa or Chiado, which are served with public transport with more direct access to Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA).  



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